Recharge And Withdraw

They are two options you can operate on your assets.
  • You Can Copy The “Wallet Top-Up Address” To The Clipboard And Paste It Into The Wallet Address Field Of The Corresponding Asset Transfer (Withdraw)Platform
  • Use The Mobile Client Of The Corresponding Asset Transfer (Withdraw)Platform To Scan The Qr Code And Top Up
  • The Topped Up Assets No Longer Have The Option To Withdraw And Can Only Be Used In The Quantitative System, So Remember To Be Careful When Topping Up
Please Use Your Bound Exchange Wallet Address To Deposit USDT To The System Wallet Address, Any Other Method Of Funding Will Result In A Failure To Fund And We Will Not Be Held Responsible For Any Losses Incurred.
  • There Is A Handling Charge Of 5 USDT For Each Withdrawal
  • The Assets You Withdrew Will Be Transferred To The Exchange Account Which You Have Bound
We Will Manually Review Withdrawals, Please Wait Patiently For A Staff Member To Contact You By Phone Or Email. Please Make Sure Your Computer And Browser Are Secure To Prevent Any Information From Being Compromised Or Leaked.